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China Merchants Capital held a seminar: how to improve the investment capacity

Date:2015.05 From:Admin

China Merchants Capital held a seminar: how to improve the investment capacity


May 15, 2015, 16, China Merchants Capital held a seminar: how to enhance investment capacity. China Merchants Capital and general manager Li Yinquan and other leadership team members, each fund management company responsible persons and departments attended the meeting. Mr Li Yinquan general manager for the meeting, deputy general manager Yang Baiqian chaired the meeting.


Rich content of the meeting. Meeting arrangement with the Investment Management Department, China Merchants Kunlun Capital Co., Ltd., Technology Group, China funds were made "China Merchants Capital Portfolio Analysis", "How to build a star PE investment projects," "how to do in the state-owned background Good VC investment "," investment management experience to share after special report "and" China Merchants Capital investment management system after construction ideas "and so on. After that, the meeting has taken the theme of Sharon forms, around the "three new board next investment opportunity," "investment team building", "Industrial Fund Investment Highlights", "Internet + investment opportunities", "to enhance the project mining capabilities", "diligent" "Collaboration between the Fund and avoid conflicts of interest", "investment risk control" and other popular topics were discussed. Participants speak their minds, they were sharing and interaction from different angles. The meeting discussed overwhelming viewpoint is novel, brilliant.


Li Yinquan, general manager of the meeting gave a highly positive that the meeting productive and fruitful exchange of session information, knowledge, ideas for the future direction of the work of the investments, we want to take full advantage of China Merchants Group, and grasp the era of strategic opportunities, actively implement the results of this meeting. Li stressed that the fund-raising capacity, investment capacity and support capability in the background is the cornerstone of China Merchants Capital persistent development, which is the fundamental ability to invest long-term development of PE, Li requires, in improving the investment capacity, ability and diligence to do two aspects of the work. "Capacity" is an investment management personnel at all levels have the expertise, experience, ability, wisdom, it must also have the ability to judge risk identification ability of the economy and industry as well as cognitive information. "Diligence" is the management and staff at all levels have a high sense of mission and responsibility, diligence, diligent work, hard work. Li pointed out that China Merchants Capital investment to enhance the ability of the funds also depends on good team collaboration and cooperation as well as a team and in the background the funds under the premise of maintaining the relative independence of good collaboration and cooperation in the work system, process requirements under. Li hoped that the funds team, all departments should cooperate in order to understand the attitude of trust and good working conditions, and actively improve work efficiency, and strive to create a better investment performance in 2015.


And the outcome of the meeting in accordance with the consensus reached in the meeting about the investment capacity to enhance the deployment of the relevant fund-raising, work matters investment management, financial management, legal management, human resources management and other aspects.


December 14 last year, China Merchants Capital investment business seminar was held. In less than six months, once again held investment seminars in China Merchants Capital, fully reflects the importance of China Merchants Capital investment work, reflecting the China Merchants Capital to fund investors a highly responsible attitude. (Text / Feng Zhi, Chen Yaoming, Picture / Feng Zhi)


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